Leadership and the art of coaching

Leadership is act of influencing a team, division or organization for getting them from the current state to the desired state. The matrix organization is consistent internal reflection of external complexity. The direct line reporting relationship corresponds to classical understanding of leadership. One look at the organization chart will suffice to show who is under whom and who reports to whom. To Download The Whitepaper – Please fill the form

Transforming HR to a Strategic Partner

With changing business scenario, HR is placed in a unique position. It can bridge the gap between the strategy and people. It can have initiatives to align organization human resources with strategic business objectives.To change the current image of HR which is of doing administrative tasks, provide resolution to employee’s queries and manage training, HR needs to look inwards and change the way as they look at things and work. To Download The Whitepaper – Please fill the form

HR Analytics is a Communication tool

IT positions management with a view of tomorrow. The exercise starts with asking organizations as to what they want to measure. The right questions are important.

Measurement is an activity and activity is an expense. The answer to that is to measure what matters now and decide for what organizational purpose the measurement is.

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