HR Dossier November 2018

HR Updates : Motivating most creative employees.
Technology : How to build trust with AI?
Leadership : The mind can be convinced but the heart must be won.
Economy : Forget GDP : For the 21st century we need a modern growth measures.

HR Dossier October 2018

HR Updates : Don’t Just Tell Employees Organizational Changes Are Coming — Explain Why.
Customer Engagement : To leverage Customer engagement, companies and researchers need to study the buying journey in new ways...
Management : Mahatma Gandhi- A Management guru in action…
Leadership : Spirituality At Workplace

HR Dossier September 2018

HR Updates : How to Get High-Potential Employees Interested in Leadership Development Programs..
Technology : How to Use AI to Grow Your Business and Undercut Your Competition
Leadership : There is no indispensable man…
Banking : India’s share in Asia-Pacific’s GDP rises to 17.3% from 14. 6% in 2000, says ADB report.

HR Dossier August 2018

HR Updates : Why Employee engagement is important for an organization ?
Technology : What’s the Purpose of Companies in the Age of AI?
Banking : When Implementing Open Banking, Countries Are Taking Unique Approaches To Consumer Privacy

HR Dossier June 2018

HR Updates : Why Performance Reviews Are Way More Important Than You Think ?
Technology : Blockchain: Will it change the way we do business today?
Leadership : Your vibe attracts your tribe..
Banking : A guide to tax saving investments

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