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PeopleApex is an integrated end-to-end enterprise-level HCM solution, designed to empower the employee with robust employee self service (ESS) and at the same time provide holistic view for managers with manager self service (MSS). The product is designed to automate the HR processes with complete 360 degree integration with payroll. A multi country, multi language, and a multi currency product is designed by industry experts having multi country in-depth HR & Payroll expertise. Industry preconfigured best-practices are adopted in product and crafted to create consumer grade user experience.

PeopleApex HRMS Software Overview

Acquiring, developing, and retaining talent is complex. Talent acquisition to performance management, businesses increasingly rely on technology to help monitor the lifeblood of the company. From payroll, to performance measurements, to goal alignment, PeopleApex dashboard collects the most relevant information – the reports and KPIs you actually care about – and organizes it on one screen. This information is visualized through charts, graphs, and meters. Presenting the data graphically helps you monitor everything at a glance, and gauge company progress towards goals. In turn, that lets your business make data driven decisions.

PeopleApex is on Cloud, its always highly available globally and scalable offering a concise and intuitive display of clear key performance indicators with awesome User Experience across devices.

PeopleApex is a cloud solution with ultimate security of organizational data on cloud. Multiple level security is designed which is rule based and has the ability to provide restricted access to any position as defined. Each module and module sections are defined on security rules, which can be customized by the organization itself without external help. Each organization is unique and we believe to provide complete security. The data on PeopleApex is completely safe and secured. PeopleApex is hosted on secured cloud with highest security with verified login methodology.

We know what it takes to deliver robust, secure, international HR systems across the internet. We not only design for security, but have regularly ensured independent verification and validation is done by a third party in place for continuously meeting the high standards of security your HR data demands.

We take care of your security at every level right from the application architecture, data encryption, user authentication and authorization helping you with features like single-sign on (SSO) and role based access management.

The shift from an ad hoc to a strategic talent management program can greatly aid a company in the achievement of its business objectives. Small-to-midsized but fast-growing private companies are so focused on opportunities that it often doesn’t notice the ways that sub-optimal talent processes nibble or even bite at performance. To nurture, manage and keep up with change, PeopleApex focuses on helping companies workforce define clear roles , goals for strategic alignment, training and development including options to address transactional issues.

For example:
  • What is it that defines success in this role?
  • How is performance measured?
  • Every employee should have a clear understanding of how they fit in.
  • What objective analytics will help respective managers and top level leaders to retaining and nurturing talent?

  • Multi-country
  • Single Tenant - Multi-company
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Employee-level data permission
  • On-cloud
  • Zero foot-print software
  • Pre-configured industry best-practices
  • Faster time-to-deploy
  • Consumer-grade experience (UX)
  • Smart Solution for Smarter Workforce

  • Provide employees ability to be productive on the go with consumer grade experience
  • Enable managers to respond to change quickly with ability to take action
  • Gain visibility across the organization with smart analytics
  • Take better business decisions based on contextual insights
  • Have complete visibility across organization

If you’re evaluating HR & Payroll software and considering PeopleApex or just want more information, we are here to help.