Online Recruitment Management

The Recruitment Module is designed to help organizations effectively streamline their recruitment processes and accomplish the hiring of human resources efficiently. This module takes into consideration the various stakeholders involved in the process from the hiring managers to the recruiters and the panel for seamless communication. It’s designed with smooth workflows for requisition, applicant and interview-tracking.

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Hiring Manager

  • Job Requisitions.
  • The selection of interview rounds and panel for each round.
  • The specification of skills and proficiency for each vacancy.
  • The setting of target dates.
  • Provisions are made to withdraw requisitions.
  • Ability to approve or reject a requisition.
  • Requisition approval tracking.
  • Ability to view candidate details.
  • Shortlist candidates shared by the recruiter.
  • Recruitment tracking for each requisition.

Recruiter (HR)

  • Tracking requisitions.
  • Ability to re-assign requisition to other recruiters.
  • Profile sharing with the hiring manager.
  • Ease in scheduling interviews.
  • Effective candidate tracking.
  • Interview tracking.
  • Provisions are made for rescheduling interviews.
  • Recruitment tracking for each requisition.

Panel (includes hiring managers and recruiters)

  • Easy access to candidate details.
  • View interview schedule for each candidate.
  • Ability to provide feedback and select/reject candidates.

Features in Detail

  • Line managers can directly create requests for hiring to HR.
  • Complete resume management with keyword search.
  • Track real-time application status.
  • A consistent and predictable Recruit-to-Hire process.
  • The ‘candidate search option’ can filter search criteria to help pinpoint relevant candidates for a given mandate
  • Track candidates history and status against various positions at different stages of the recruitment process.
  • Predefined templates help HR to create job postings faster.
  • Reporting on hiring.
  • Application tracking.
  • Interview management.
  • Offer letter generation.
  • Appointment letter generation.
  • Resume management.

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