Today, companies are far less focused on automating and integrating their talent practices. Instead, they are worried about employee engagement, teamwork, innovation, and collaboration. They want HR tech solutions that are engaging, useful, and productivity-oriented.

Integrated talent management is still important, but it has become a hygiene problem. The real focus is on reinventing how people work; creating team-based tools for goal alignment and coaching; putting in place systems to provide feedback and measure engagement with renewed and laser focus on rethinking the way we measure performance, manage careers, and enable individual learning.

PeopleApex is unique and stays out in this crowd by offering performance management features to measure and reward performance and skill set.

PeopleApex Performance Management software is a SaaS-based Performance Appraisal software. Avail of a free demo and meet our experts today!

Online Performance Management Software


  • Define employees' performance appraisal cycle as per organization policy.
  • Define ratings as per the organization policy.
  • Define appraisal templates by Grade/Location/Department
  • Ability to define the thrust/focus area for the entire organization or selected entities.
  • Ability to define reviewer and approver workflow.
  • Function-wise goal repository.

  • Objectives and goals definition by employee and approval by the manager.
  • Assigning weightage for goals.
  • Self-appraisal by an employee
  • Review and approval by manager/as per workflow defined.
  • Ability to do mid-year and annual reviews with a rating.

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