PeopleApex Payroll is packed with functionalities that enable you to comprehensively, and yet simplistically, handle payroll processing. PeopleApex has multi-country payroll, which helps you in setting up a Payroll foundation, a payroll calendar, define a pay group master, prepare a chart of accounts, create, assign and map pay items to GL with tax configurations, among other things. Moreover, employees can set-up and key in all their tax declarations themselves.

The Best Payroll Solution





The payroll processing Module allows you to create rules that exist in your organization, and define your business logic for earnings, deductions, bonuses, arrears, leave, and attendance, taxes, statutory requirements, and other important areas. The payroll engine is created to compute complex payroll easily, thus providing correct payroll computation, and is easy to use.

Now automate your Payroll with the best Payroll Module —- PeopleApex Payroll., Simple to use, generate payslips online. Avail of a free demo and meet our experts today!


  • Configure payroll as per requirements - monthly/weekly/bi-weekly
  • Ability to customize your payroll policies
  • Plug and play with a robust payroll engine
  • Fully updated functionalities with current statutory requirements
  • Integrated attendance system to process attendance seamlessly
  • Latest functionality to customize payslips
  • Complete integration with leading banks

Features in Detail

  • Ability to define multiple payrolls based on organization needs
  • Predefined pay items based on organization types and country of operation with the ability to incorporate client-specific pay items.
  • Pre-defined chart of accounts based on organization types and country of operation, with an ability to do changes as per the client chart of accounts.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all applicable tax laws
  • Capture payroll-related employee statutory information.
  • Functionality to customize payslips
  • Country specific bank information for employee pay bank transfer.
  • Payroll Readiness Assessment before payroll processing.
  • Capture employee level exceptional pay items.
  • Capture one-time pay items for an employee or for a group of employees.
  • Configurable and flexible formula.
  • Formula builder feature available.
  • Accurate and faster payroll processing (thousands of records at a time)
  • Enables accounting entry for payroll after payroll is processed.
  • Higher data security with payroll level permissions, employee level permissions.
  • Higher data integrity with audit trails.
  • Online payslips.
  • Online tax investment declaration by employee and approval by payroll/HR.
  • Full and final settlement.

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