Tracking the time and attendance of the employees is very important, as it forms the basis of many HR activities like payroll, administration, and so on. Moreover, it is also important that employees meet the required time schedules. PeopleApex helps you manage your employees' time and attendance data effectively. You can ensure that employees record their work time using employee self-service, while you centrally record the data in the Human Capital Management System.

A recent survey of 500 workers, shows businesses lost $50,000 per year in revenue due to insufficient tracking. In total, “almost 40% of respondents reported never tracking time spent by employees”.

With PeopleApex, track exactly how much time your team members are spending on projects with geo-tagging features to make it easy for them to log in from anywhere.

PeopleApex attendance management software helps you to manage biometric integration and geotagging based attendance and get exact attendance and leaves. Mobile App for attendance available. Avail of a free demo and meet our experts today!

Time, Attendance & Leave Management System

Features in Detail

  • Define leave or PTO types as per organization policies.
  • Define leave rules as per organization policies on accrual , avail, carryover and approval rules.
  • Configure applicability for overtime or compensatory leaves.
  • Users can cancel, check balance, history and approval status of leave.
  • Approval of requests by approver(s).
  • Attendance update on approval of the request.
  • Approved request cancellation.
  • Define holidays by location.
  • Attendance integration with holidays
  • Define shift or work schedules rules including weekly offs.
  • Attendance integration with defined shifts and work schedules.
  • Integration with biometric/ time capture machines.
  • Geotagging of attendance for accurate information
  • Attendance sheet for payroll processing
  • Workflow configuration.
  • Empower staff to record their times.
  • Simple approval and archive process.
  • Map shifts or work schedule rules and track time on individual projects to ensure efficiency.
  • Analytics to monitor, give feedback and improve productivity.

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