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Don’t Just Tell Employees Organizational Changes Are Coming — Explain Why.

An organization must spend time explaining the changes and why they are important. Based on experience supporting organizational change initiatives, there are four key aspects to helping employees understand change, to drive commitment, and to ultimately contribute to your success.
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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement: 4 types and new maps:  To really leverage Customer engagement, companies and researchers need to study the buying journey in new ways..
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Mahatma Gandhi- A Management guru in action…  We have celebrated birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd of this month. All of us know and admire leadership skills of the great Mahatma Gandhi. He was instrumental in India’s independence from British Empire. Led freedom movement over three decades. If we carefully look at the journey of Mahatma Gandhi, it’s full of stories of leadership and management. And these are so relevant and applicable to modern global corporate management...
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Spirituality At Workplace : Some people believe that every organization has spirituality, and rightly so, whether it realizes it or not. It is often expressed in the broadest sense as organizational and personal aspirations and goals, values and ethics; and comments about how the organization should treat people, the environment and the community. This makes spirituality in the workplace an important component of organisational success.  Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are an example of how organisations look to have a positive impact on the community outside of their business operations.
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